"As an opera singer and performer I have worked with a lot of talented people and I have to say Ionica has a lot of talent but so humble. Not only is she a talented actor but her voice has a beautiful tone and timbre to it. I have always gone to Ionica for advice because she has always been honest and has never been shy to say something that is right! I would always recommend Ionica for any stage, tv or film role as she is an intelligent actor and singer and she is a pleasure to know and work with" ~ Jacob A. Walsh (Opera Singer)

"I met Ionica through Maxine Glasby who taught my daughter Sarah Smith to dance, it was my 50th birthday and I wanted a live singer to make my birthday party special, Maxine said I have the perfect person for your occasion. BOOOM!!! Was she right, Ionica was absolutely amazing she sang for over 2 hours at my party at the Lakeside Nottingham, Ionica looking beautiful in a full length dress her hair well groomed make-up air brush perfect but most of all her voice just brought tears to my eyes, she sang some of my favourite songs like Alicia Keys Empire State of mind, Adele, Sade, Amy wine house, Emile sande, Beyoncé, Katie mulia, and many more, I was overwhelmed. Ionica is such a warm and friendly person, she is beautiful inside and out thank you for making my birthday so special" love Debbie x

"Ionica is an enthusiastic and passionate actress who works incredibly hard. She is always dedicated and during any project Ionica helps support both cast and crew working as a team player. Highly skilled in many areas Ionica is an incredible singer, dancer and stage combat performer which means she can lend her talents to a wide range of performance in both film and theatre. Her passion and love for the profession rubs off on those she works with and she bring energy and excitement to everything she does. Adi will always give 100% to all the productions she works on always remaining kind, polite and understanding of others. I'm proud to say I have trained and worked with her professionally" ~ Mhairi Calvey (Actress)

"I had the pleasure of meeting Ionica a few months ago when she came for a photo shoot at the 2look studios. She is larger than life with personality and love for what she does. I have no doubt Ionica will achieve great success, with her drive, enthusiasm, talent and beauty. It was a true pleasure to meet and photo Ionica, and she is always welcome back to the 2look studio." ~ Steve Wholey (Photographer)

“One of the most wonderful things about working across the entertainment industry is that you meet and experience so much talent with and from so many people in so many ways, but every now and then you meet someone who just has it all. Ionica is one of those and I’m very humbled to have met her on her journey.” - Craig Conway (Actor/Producer & Co Founder of NiFF and 54Films)

"Working with Ionica has been an absolute pleasure. Her professionalism on and off set is important to note as she delivers herself and her character with dedication, adaptability and confidence. When filming, the days were long and tiring and Ionica certainly eased the stress of the day with her comedic character and bright personality. When all hope was lost in finding an actresses, we found Ionica, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to fit the role. Ionica is certainly a high recommendation and I would strongly encourage future Directors/Casting Directors to consider her for a role." ~ Frankie Calton (Editor)

"What a fantastic actress to work with! I had such a laugh with Ionica and we worked together so well. She is professional and supportive - I have made a good friend from the project." ~ Sophie Giddens (Actress)

"Ionica's dedication to her work combined with her cheerful personality made working on our project that much more rewarding. Her ability to offer her thoughts and suggestion for the character she is portraying, while also taking direction, only served enhance the performance our director was looking for on top of the quality of her acting that already exists. Her cheeky nature always improved the mood on set and could easily switch between amusing other members of the cast and crew and professionalism when it was needed. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ionica and I can tell she’ll go far in the future with whatever endeavour is coming her way!" ~ Andy Barnes (Producer)

12283264_10156152342485386_905122621_n Jacob A. Walsh Mhairi Calvey Frankie Calton Steve Wholey Sophie Giddens Debbie

"Ionica has worked for Actor Awareness a few times now. She has hosted 2 of our scratch nights, where she wonderfully introducing our acts. Alongside her hosting she has sung for us as well. She has an incredible voice and personality to match. She is always welcomed back with open arms." - Tom Stocks (Founder of Actor Awareness)

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